Owned, Earned and Paid content

Are you familiar with Owned, Earned and Paid content?

  • Owned content is that which you control, such as your website or direct marketing.
  • Earned content relies on others passing on your information, such as published media releases, word-of-mouth or social media.
  • Paid content is broadcast advertising.

Owned content

Owned now sits at the heart of most marketing strategy; thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars are invested in websites, because for many businesses the website is the first interaction a prospect or customer has with its brand and products or services.

At least the secondary goal of all marketing activity should be to drive the audience back to the website. It should always have the most up-to-date information about products and services and be optimised to capture as many leads as possible.

Owned print collateral should also direct the audience back towards the website.

The first visit to a website is an opportunity to engage and inform a prospect about your brand, expertise, products, technical info, endorsement and other relevant industry news, for this allows them to validate that they’re in the right place.

It’s also an opportunity to present some form of related offer in return for some more detailed/valuable information. This lead capture builds the acquisition portion of the contact database.

Owned online content also plays an important role in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Earned content

Many of our customers tell us that they rely on word-of-mouth for sales; which is great, but from a marketing perspective it is fairly unmanageable and leaves your success or failure in the hands of your customers.

More than ever before, leads generated by word-of-mouth are visiting the website and validating the business’ relevance to them before they make contact.

Similarly, media and media releases generate interest that can drive positive, or negative, enquiry and again the most likely first approach will be through the website.

Social media sharing is also a component of earned media, either it will link to your original content on your website (Owned), or it will be generated by a third party such as media (press release, media review or investigation) or a customer (word-of-mouth) – in which case, social media sharing becomes a secondary earned layer.

Paid content

The goal of paid content is to generally achieve one of two things:

Branding – raise awareness.

Selling – present a product price point.

Invariably, this activity will direct the audience to view more valuable information on a website.

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