Face your fear for Blue September!

PlaceMakers staff and customers across the country urged to ‘face their fear’ of getting checked for prostate cancer!

Heights, deep water, an afternoon with the in-laws – what’s your biggest fear? For this year’s Blue September Appeal, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) came forward with a clear message to ‘face your fear!’ and enlisted some well-known New Zealand personalities and Blue September ambassadors to promote the message.

“We’ve all got fears, but a prostate cancer check shouldn’t be one of them,” says PCF CEO Graeme Woodside. “Each year prostate cancer kills 600 men – now that’s scary. We are challenging guys throughout New Zealand to face their fears – at least when it comes to something that could have repercussions if not faced, such as a prostate cancer check. Deaths from prostate cancer can be prevented if the disease is detected early enough.”

If you still need encouragement, check out faceyourfear.org.nz – former All Black Buck Shelford faces his fear of heights, former league player Monty Betham his fear of spiders, radio host Jay-Jay Harvey faes her fear of diving and actor Mark Hadlow his fear of big dogs!

Raffling for the right cause

If PlaceMakers Blenheim’s Donna Holder had any fear of approaching strangers for prizes, she will certainly have gotten over it by now! The trade sales and drive-through team member managed to collect 50 fantastic prizes for the store’s Blue September raffle.

“This is the first year we’ve done a raffle and I’ve been so impressed with the level of local support we’ve received,” says Donna. “We’ve had a wide variety of prizes donated by local businesses – from a $615 Coast to Coast Helicopter ride, to a $250 service from Blenheim Toyota, to a $200 voucher for a beachcomber cruise. It’s actually been an awesome mission putting it together.”

Tickets are $5 each and on sale at PlaceMakers, Mico and a few other local businesses. The winners will be drawn on 7 October, so for those of you in the area, get yours now!

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